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Loved the products!

Hello, I was out of station and couldn't reply sooner. All the products were really good!

Awesome product

I have order two bags and both are verygood

More Cotton, Less Hemp

I've been a regular customer of Atrangi. Bought many products including the Hemp Bottle Holder in the past. So was eagerly waiting for it to be back in stock as the last one wore out.. To my horror, the new hemp bottle holder is nothing like the old one. It has very less Hemp threads and more cotton ones. And imagine my luck, I ordered two! Really disappointed this time. Hope the Atrangi Team will take notice of this feedback and bring back the original Hemp bottle holder. Also if possible, I'd like to return one piece. Thanks

Well Done

I loved both the products i have ordered , Good Job will come back for sure for more

Good quality build

Vibrant look. Great quality and finish of wood.

Stiching isn't clean

The stitch isn't clean and well spaced.

Third purchase in 12 months. Excellent as usual.

I love everything about the Atrangi brand. The product concept to begin with. And all the little touches which display the passion of the entrepreneurs behind the venture. A last-minute discount was an unexpected (and unnecessary) bonus ... and finally the product was delivered in super-swift time... well-packaged etc etc.

Bigger brands can learn a trick or two from Atrangi!

Amazing product

I loved the product,good quality๐Ÿ‘Œ



Great but a bit large

The style and the material were just what I wanted but the size was bit bigger for my taste. Luckily my sister saw it and took it. Would love to have something smaller in similar material in the future. Overall it is a wonderful product. Cheers!

Tibetan Prayer Flag Small 130cms 3 Rolls

Tibetan Prayer Flag Small 130cms 3 Rolls

The best!

The hemp wallet is amazing! The best I could find online. It even came with a surprise. ;) Thankyou so much, Atrangi!

Hemp bag

Good one

Hemp wallet

I got the same thing what I was expecting for,it's perfect just

Hemp Backpack Skull Review

This bag has become on of my favorites. Being made from hemp fiber i know it will last longer. I also love the idea of promoting hemp products and working the way to legalize the mighty plant. #420



Hemp Beanie Cap

Awfully good ๐ŸŒŸ ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ

It seems that very efficient to make a sense to aware of eco-friendly products.

Leather strips around both sides are not in really

yes this bag is good, but leather strips on both sides of bag are not in really,these small leather strips are not present

Authentic and A++ quality.

Very good hemp bag with a nice print.
Also thanks for those little gifts with the bag!
Free nature, use hemp โ˜ฎ๏ธ

Nice service

Product is very cool

Good quality product

Good quality, speedy delivery and very reasonable rate.


Good design, good material, underwhelming finish though. Had a lot of loose ends, lint that I had to trim off with a scissor. Also the color bleeds, thankfully it hasn't smudged. Phew.

Unique and ecofriendly๐Ÿ’ซ