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  • What is HEMP, its uses and advantages

    HEMP is not marijuana. Marijuana is not HEMP. One provides psychoactive effects and the other doesn’t. HEMP is the fiber and seed part of the Cannabis Sativa L. plant, opposed to the flower part of the plant which is marijuana.
  • Tibetan Prayer Flags

    Tibetan Prayer Flags

    History behind the flags, their meaning, when to put up the flags and what do the colors symbolize. 

    Tibetan prayer flags are more than just a piece of art : their spiritual and cultural meaning is timeless and powerful...

  • Yosegi Puzzle Box & how Yosegi pattern is created

    What is Yosegi Puzzle Box & how Yosegi pattern is created What is Yosegi? Yosegi pattern that you see is not print or paint, it is a type of i...

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hindi : अतरंगी

meaning : extra-ordinary, not usual

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458 reviews
Hemp sack backpack

One of the best purchase i made. This is my second order for the sack backpack. Gifting to my daughter who is very conscious of products she owns. Nature lover!!! Absolute value for money!!!!

..... It's good ....

..... It's good ....

Hemp Sling bag

I bought the sling bag and made my life simple. I went on a tour of three cities in South and carried my passport, all bank cards, cash, small change, my eyeglasses, cigarette pack, lighter, handy ID card to pull up and show at check points. .. you name it, i had them all safely hanging on to me!!! The zip and the soft cloth used inside is amazing... Now, my daughter is jealous. So i am having to order another for her!!! The best part is, i get tons of attention, plus it's eco friendly which is where my heart is!!! I am lucky, i found Atrangi !!!! A happy man here!!!

Tibetan Incense Storage Box
Ya i like this product

it's really awesome

HEMP Sack Backpack